CM’s vision helped journos in times of crisis: Allam Narayana


Chairman of the Telangana Media Academy Allam Narayana praised the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao’s decision of providing a grant of Rs100 Crore has come as a boon to the Telangana Journalists in times of crisis today.

He said in a statement that a sum of Rs 34.50 crore has been released out of Rs 100 crore grant announced and subsequent interest earned on it has facilitated the academy to distribute over Rs 1,04,40,000 to several journalists in their hour of necessity. He further said the financial help to the extent of Rs 5.12 crore had been made to those journos suffering from chronic ailments and those met with accidents etc.

He revealed that the welfare measures were initiated from February 2017 from the interest earned from this Welfare Fund and declared that KCR’s foresight has been saving several journalists today in this corona pandemic, adding since May this year over 479 journalists were paid each with a sum of Rs 20,000 aggregating to Rs 95,80,000 while 84 journalists who were home quarantined paid a sum of Rs10,000 each totalling to Rs 8,60,000.

In addition to the financial help, the academy has also distributed groceries, sanitizers, face masks etc during the lockdown period, he stated adding that another Rs 2.60 Crore had been given to over 260 journos who died under different circumstances besides Rs 50,000 to 94 journos suffering from immobility due to accidents and chronic ailments.

He further declared that over 25 applications seeking financial help to the families of over 25 journos and another 15 applications from the bed-reddened journalists are still pending for disposal.


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