Complaint against Nagababu for terming ‘Godse’ a patriot

Cine Actors Naga Babu and Pawan Kalyan - File photo

A complaint has been lodged against the cine actor Konidela Nagababu for what they termed praising Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi.


The complaint was lodged by the Congress party leader Manavatha Rai with the Osmania University police station today. He said in his complaint that Nagendra Babu alias Naga Babu had tweeted that Nathuram Godsey was a real patriot assassination of Mahatma Gandhi was debatable. He alleged that his remarks were an insult to the father of the nation who came to be known as a synonym of peace in the entire world.

While terming Nagababu as an immature part-time politician trying to grow by creating controversy, Manavata Roy demanded the arrest of Nagababu and subsequently be taken to a mental asylum for treatment.

Referring to the comments of director Ramgopal Verma about his announcement of making a film on Nathuram Godsey, Roy said “If he really does so, We would perform his last rites”