Conduct elections in Hyderabad: HC orders Indian Olympic Association


The High Court on Monday ordered the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Telangana chapter to hold elections to its Executive body in Hyderabad as per the schedule on February 9, 2020.

Jubilant over the High Court verdict today, the Jayesh Ranjan panellists say that the verdict vindicated their stand on the issue. “It’s a moral win for Telangana lobby over Delhi lobbyists”, said General Secretary contestant Arshanapalli Jaganmohan Rao who is also the president of the Telangana Handball Association.

According to him, the judge reacting sharply against holding polls in Delhi questioned as to how could they hold the election in Delhi when the headquarters of Telangana Olympic Association is very much in Hyderabad.

The court also found fault with Jagadish Yadav’s decision to contest 3rd time in succession for the same post as General Secretary. The court questioning his intentions behind the move said it is against the bylaws of the association.

The judge also expressed his displeasure over the final voters’ list prepared by the existing body.

Speaking to MaaHyderabad, Jaganmohan Rao declared that he would also file yet another petition in the court tomorrow against the appointment of retired Justice Chandra Kumar as Returning Officer, rejection of Jayesh Ranjan petition for Presidentship and the faulty voters’ list.


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