Cong calls KCR ‘Druthrashtra’ for turning blind towards suicides

Dasoju Sravan flanked by NSUI leaders Venkat Balmoor is addressing media at Gandhi Bhavan

AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju called CM KCR as Dhritarashtra for what he termed turning a blind eye towards sensitive unemployment issues in Telangana that make desperate youth go for extreme steps like suicides.


The senior Congress leader makes CM KCR and Minister KTR responsible for the death of at least 40 youth who died due to either lack of regular government job notifications or lost their private jobs in the recent past and 7 youth dead in the last one week. Dr Sravan slams the father and son duo, who live in a fort-like Pragathi Bhavan, for lacking basic humanity towards their issues over 40 lakh beleaguered, deprived Telangana unemployed youth who have been desperately waiting to get employment in the separate state for which they have sacrificed their career and lives.

He criticizes CM KCR with his callous attitude is taking the lives of unemployed youth in Telangana like Bakasura and sitting idle like a Nero when people are literally dying.

“It’s so unfortunate that one more son of this soil, Mahender Yadav, ended his life due to the blatant negligence of CM KCR and KTR who have shamelessly ignored filling up the vacant government jobs while miserably failing to protect the existing private-sector jobs in the state.

Similarly, a private school teacher, Chandrashekar, who lost his job due to the pandemic outbreak, appealed to the CM KCR before going to die to protect the jobs and help the rest of the unemployed youth. Today Ravi, a Dalit teacher, also committed suicide in Nagarjunasagar for the same reason.

“But, our CM KCR has turned completely blind like a Dhritarashtra, who cannot see anything but protects his family forever”, Dr Sravan lamented.

Referring to the leaked out an audio recording of Minister Malla Reddy threatening a real estate businessman purportedly, Dr Sravan pointed out that neither KCR nor the police department has taken any action against the minister calling him a cheater who has been reportedly turned a land grabber.

He also charged that Malla Reddy took college permissions illegally by submitting fake documents. “Is Malla Reddy a son-in-law of Telangana state or is he above the law? And what happened to that drug case? What is the action being taken against the TRS MLAs who are allegedly involved in the recent drugs case? The government goes blind when the TRS MLAs and Ministers distribute money to woo voters and they are currently camped at Nagarjuna Sagar for the last 40 days to influence the local voters with cash and liquor. But, there is no action by the police. Dr Sravan fired.

To divert the sensitive and most important public issues, CM KCR plays dramas in the name of bringing Kaleshwaram waters to Sangareddy which is a fake and misleading act, Dr Sravan slams. He criticizes KCR for leading the Telangana state towards a fake democratic state where anarchy and monarchy rules.

To stop their blatant murder of democracy, Dr Sravan requested the unemployed youth to join hands to fight until their necks are bent. But, he appealed to them not to take any extreme decisions like suicides. He ensured that the Congress party will always fight for them until justice is done and jobs are given to them.



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