Cong fires at CEO for turning blind at TRS poll violations

AICC Spokesperson Dasoju Sravan Kumar - File Photo

Congress party Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju on Sunday condemned the widespread election violations by the ruling TRS party during 2 MLC polls across the state.


Addressing a press conference here today, Dr Sravan demanded immediate action against the violators including the Home Minister, Mahmood Ali, who has openly divulged the candidate’s name for whom he had cast his vote. The senior Congress party leader found fault with the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) who has gone blind and surrendered to the ruling TRS party and failed in curtailing violations during elections. He further criticized the CEO and asked whether they are conducting elections on behalf of the Central Election Commission or like a private agency of CM KCR.

“Is CEO, Telangana blind or surrendered to the ruling TRS Party to allow the brazen display of party flex, flags, caps and scarfs at various polling booths which is a sheer violation of election rules and model code of conduct. Is the CEO of Telangana, Shashank Goel, is taking a nap (sleeping) while the elections are going on. Has the Central Election Commission become KCR’s election commission in Telangana? How come, Mahmood Ali, who promised to be the custodian of the constitution, revealed Ms Vani Devi’s name? Does he have any basic knowledge of the constitution and the election process? It is an absolute violation and an irresponsible activity of influencing the voters which are highly condemnable”, Dr Sravan fired.

The AICC leader further stated that the CEO didn’t bother to take any action on yesterday’s allegations over dispensing Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per voter by the TRS party leaders. Taking advantage of this, he said that the ruling party is openly violating all the election rules and model code of conduct to influence the voters. According to him, even today the TRS leaders were seen distributing money to voters in various parts of Telangana. “Mr Shashank Goel, you are an IAS officer and the custodian of the constitution. You must remember one thing that you are working under the Election Commission and not under the control of CM KCR. You must answer as to what is going to happen with the Home Minister’s vote?” asked Dr Sravan.

TRS party also given exorbitant full Page advertisements spending 100s of crores of rupees and the CEO is completely blind. In spite of clear evidence of TRS Leaders found to distributing money during voting are left scot free.

He demanded the intervention of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) into the violations of the model code of conduct and appealed to give the necessary directions to the CEO to strictly follow the election guidelines in Telangana.

Dr Sravan demanded a thorough enquiry and a serious action against the election violations to safeguard the constitution and to protect democracy in Telangana which is under a big threat due to the arrogant and brutal politics being played by KCR and his family