Cong leader to float Plasma Donor’s Association

Gudur Narayan Reddy

Congress senior leader and TPCC Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy on Wednesday announced that he would form Plasma Donors Association to motivate people who recovered from Covid-19 to donate their plasma so as to save the lives of other infected patients.


Narayana Reddy, who has just recovered from the Covid-19, said that the proposed Association will connect people who recovered from Covid-19 and are willing to donate their plasma. Further, the Association will create awareness among people on how more lives could be saved by donating plasma. “As on today, as many as 7,294 people have recovered from Covid-19 in Telangana State. Even if half of them are eligible to donate their plasma, they can save nearly 2,000 lives with two of them donating their plasma to one patient,” he said.

The Congress leader said that the plasma therapy, so far, has given very positive and encouraging results. He said Covid-19 patients who underwent plasma therapy across India have reportedly recovered from the disease. Therefore, he said plasma therapy should be promoted at a large scale. He pointed out that the Delhi Government was establishing a Plasma Bank wherein anyone who needs plasma could come with a recommendation from a doctor and take plasma from the eligible donors. Similarly, he said Maharashtra Government launched Project Platina, the world’s largest plasma therapy trial for Covid-19 patients, wherein 500 serious Covid-19 patients would undergo plasma therapy.

“There are thousands of recovered patients in Telangana who are willing to donate their plasma. However, due to the lack of mechanism, they are unable to help others. Through the proposed Association we will try to connect the potential donors with the authorities. They can be asked to contact us on a designated phone number and e-mail ID. These details will be shared with the State Health Authorities who can verify whether the volunteer is medically fit and eligible and they can use his/her plasma for a needy patient. We are working out on details and the proposal will be given a final shape after consulting all concerned,” he said.

Narayana Reddy said that the Telangana Government needs to focus on tracing, testing and treatment of Covid-19 patients. He alleged that the State Government has already lost precious time in handling the situation due to distracted, distorted and casual approach. “We cannot overcome a pandemic on a part-time basis. We need to dedicate all resources to fight against the Covid-19. The State Government should suspend all other activities for some time and deploy everything available to beat the Coronavirus. Each and every life is important and we cannot let even a single person die or suffer due to lack of health infrastructure or other reasons,” he said.

The Congress leader also condemned the proposal for another lockdown in Telangana, especially in Hyderabad and said it would not solve the problem but aggravate other problems related to the economy. By going for another lockdown, the State Government was giving a message that the previous lockdown, which lasted for over two months in four phases, was a total failure. The authorities cannot wash off their hands by simply blaming the common people and accusing them of not following Covid-19 guidelines. He said that the approach of the Central and State Governments was strange and unacceptable. “They are trying to take credit for all good things by stating that the number of cases did not increase compared to other countries. They are also taking credit for low mortality rate and high recovery rate. But they are directly blaming the common people for the increase in cases after the lockdown was relaxed. This is immoral and illogical,” he said.