Cong protest over Sunil’s death, calls it as TRS Govt’s murder

Youth Congress workers led by Dasoju Sravan Kumar and NSUI President Venkat Balmoor paying respects to Sunil Naik who succumbed after consuming poison, at Martyr's memorial

AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju charged Sunil Naik’s suicide is TRS Govt’s Murder and CM KCR must be held responsible for compelling innocent unemployed Telangana youth to die of outrageous desperation in the state.


Addressing the press conference today at Gandhi Bhavan, the senior Congress leader delivered an emotional speech. He along with youth congress leaders including Nooti Srikanth, Mettu Sai and others paid tributes to the deceased unemployed youth – Boda Sunil Nayak – who had attempted to commit suicide a week ago in Warangal in desperation of not getting jobs in Telangana. Sunil Nayak had been under treatment at Hospital but he was finally passed away on Friday.

Aggrieved Congress leaders burnt the effigy of CM KCR at Nampally in solidarity with Sunil Nayak and they demanded that ‘the jobs must be given to them” and called KCR inhuman. He said KCR has no time to express condolences if someone dies in SRSP Project but does not care for Lambadi unemployed Sunil who died in hospital. Congress leader demanded ex-gratia to Sunil’s family.

“It’s a most unfortunate and a black day in Telangana. Sunil Nayak, the son of a Lambada mother, who dreamt of becoming a Collector but, going to burial ground just because of blatant failure of KCR and KTR who have been doing politics on the dead bodies of Telangana fighters.

Koppula Raju, Golla Ganesh also committed suicide for the same reason in the last ten days. All of us expected that everyone would get jobs in separate Telangana as one of the three core pillars being jobs along with water and funds. But, the father and son have proved it wrong by sitting idle and not filling up lakhs of vacant government jobs even after 7 years from the state’s existence. Therefore it won’t be wrong if, KCR is hanged in the middle of the road for showcasing objectionable sadism by delaying recruitment and he and his is definitely considered as a murderer of Sunil Nayak”, Dr Sravan fired.

Youth Cong workers burning effigy of CM KCR in protest against the death of the unemployed youth Sunil Naik in Nampally today

Sravan further said that for 10 districts if there are 4.19 sanctioned jobs in the year 2014, how many jobs should be there for 31 districts. How can KCR provide good governance without an adequate number of employees? He can comfortably have almost 5 lakhs of additional jobs filled in the state government.

“You made TSPSC literally handicapped as it is left only with a single member who has been made temporary Chairman. It must have 10 members to issue any job notification. There is no quorum at all to do it. But, KCR says that they fill up 50,000 jobs which is nothing but a shameless lie. It is only to attract the youth to make them vote for the TRS party in the Sagar elections”, said Sravan.

Dr Sravan reiterated that they are not asking CM’s wealth or farmhouses, but, they are asking for their jobs which is a constitutional obligation for any Chief Minister to fill up the vacant jobs and provide employment to unemployed youth. He criticized KCR for making his daughter, Kavitha, employable within 6 months but, ignoring to fill up 1.91 lakh vacant government jobs. He said that lakhs of Telangana youth who fight for Telangana are still waiting to get a government job. At least 14 years 7 years before and after the formation of Telangana of valuable time has been wasted for thousands of University students who are unable to face their own parents.

“Is this why Telangana is given? Couldn’t it be done by the Seemandhra leaders for us? You have earned abundantly and amassed wealth that can last for the next 7 generations. So, KCR must at least now realize the facts and do something great for the people of Telangana”, Dr Sravan lamented.

Dasoju Sravan flanked by NSUI leaders Venkat Balmoor is addressing media at Gandhi Bhavan