Cong, TRS spreading false info against new agri acts: Bandi Sanjay

State BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar is seen addressing virtual media conference on Saturday

The BJP state president Bandi Sanjay came down heavily Congress and TRS parties for opposing the new agricultural acts enacted in the Parliament recently.


Addressing an online media meet here today, Bandi Sanjay accused the CM of politicising the issue by wrongly claiming it as draconian even after the required clarifications have been given by the centre.

He said the new laws would facilitate farmers to make agreement only up to the crop and nothing to do with the land. This would help eliminate middlemen as the buyers can enter into an agreement with the farmers directly and pay them as per agreement. This would ensure farmer would get his payment within 3 days otherwise the buyer would be penalised. Besides, the farmer can cancel his agreement at any time if he is not being paid the agreed payment within the prescribed time or not getting his expected price and can sell his products anywhere outside.

BJP will directly write letters to the farmers, besides holding round table meets, press conferences, through video messages, posters, etc to disseminate the benefits of new agri policy among farmers. He also called upon intellectuals, academicians and agri experts to come out openly and explain the benefits of new agri policy.

The new agri policy would also facilitate create a competitive atmosphere in the village with companies thronging villages thereby benefitting the local youth to get employment opportunities.

Reacting to the KCR’s letter to Jal Shakti Minister, the BJP president accused the CM of sleeping in the farmhouse since 7 years and now talking about state’s rights now with a political intention and holding the centre responsible for this.

“There is no guarantee that KCR and party would participate in the proposed Apex Council meet. Both Chief Ministers have to talk and decide, for obvious reasons”, he said sarcastically.