Congress demands CM’s head if AP moves forward with RLI project


President of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee N Uttam Kumar Reddy demanded the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao to stop AP government from going ahead finalising tenders for the physical execution of its proposed Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Project this week.

In an open letter addressed to the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, Uttam Kumar Reddy said AP should desist from taking up physical works at the RLIP until it submits the DPRs of the same to the Krishna River Management Board and APEX council as well. In fact, KRMB chairman Paramesam wrote 2 letters to the AP Government calling for the same but they did not do so. He accused the CM KCR of failing to pursue the matter with his counterpart in this case besides avoiding deliberately to attend the proposed APEX council meeting tomorrow at Jal Shakti Bhavan in New Delhi.

CM instead of attending the APEX council meeting tomorrow has chosen to attend cabinet meeting to finalise the secretariat design. We advise you to approach the Supreme Court at the earliest to stop the AP from starting the physical works.

“If this is not prevented the entire irrigation under the projects in Krishna Basin i.e., Nagarjuna Sagar, KLI, PRLIS, Dindi, SLBC, AMRP projects will be adversely affected and there are a real danger of combined Mahabubnagar, RR and Nalgonda districts turning into a desert. The drinking water to Hyderabad will also be adversely affected”, he said.

He further pointed out that if the AP government goes ahead with the expansion of Pothyreddypadu scheme from 44,000 cusecs per day to 80,000 cusecs per day and also build the Rayalaseema lift irrigation scheme at Sangameshwar to draw 3 TMC per day, the farmers of South Telangana will be losing approximately 6.3 TMC of Krishna water per day which is now flowing by gravity and free of cost into Telangana.

You and your government have repeatedly been boasting of Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project built at a cost of Rs. 1 Lakh crores of borrowed money and with a recurring cost of Rs. 12,000 crores a year to lift 2 TMC of water, and at the same time you are ignoring the plan of AP government to take away 6.3 TMC of Krishna water per day which is presently flowing into Telangana by gravity without any cost to Telangana state.

If the AP government goes attend and completes the Pothyreddypadu expansion from 44,000 cusecs to 80,000 cusecs per day and build Rayalaseema lift to draw 3 TMC of Krishna water per day, the very purpose of creation of separate Telangana to prevent injustice in the allocation of water will be defeated. You have met AP CM on several occasions and it is shocking that you have not thought it appropriate to raise such an important issue as above.

In case the AP government does go ahead with physical execution of above works, congress party demands that you accept moral responsibility for failing to protect the interests of Telangana and you should resign as Chief Minister, demanded the PCC chief.