Corona Diary: Cop donates blood to save mother and child in Tamilnadu


Though Coronavirus is threatening the human lives but definitely not humanness in them especially the humanity gestures being exhibited by the cops is literally commandable and unbeaten.

In such a rare incident, the timely gesture of a 23-year-old constable Syed Abu Tahir working in a remote interior district of Tiruchi in Tamilnadu saved the life of a pregnant lady and her child. According to the information that we received in Whatsapp message from an unknown source, the constable was on duty near a district hospital and spotted a person on road during the lockdown.


When enquired, he was in a desperate search for ‘O Positive’ group blood to save his pregnant wife undergoing labour pains in the hospital. The Constable whose blood group is the same immediately rushed to the hospital and volunteered to give one unit of his blood thereby could save the mother and child.

The District Superintendent of Police rewarded the young cop with Rs 1000 as a gift followed by Rs. 10,000 from DGP. However, the cop gave away Rs 11,000 he earned to the mother of the child.

Maahyderabad salutes the constable, Abu Tahir for proving that Humanity is above everything in this world.


  1. Jazakallahulkhair wa ahsan ul jazza. May Allahuwataala suitably reward him for this kind gesture. Aameen. Syed Jabir Hassan, Mezbaan caterers Mysore.

  2. Salute to Sayed Abu Tahir, he demonstrated the true value of a Muslim and humanity to the fellow workers… I am proud him and his parents! What an upbringing

  3. Great humane approach by the cop. Really appreciate. Can you please share the source of this information. Thank you

    • We have mentioned it as ‘unknown source’. We carried it since it is a motivational story. You can check it up with Tiruchi Police.

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