Corona fear makes a man jump to death from an apartment in the city


A 60-year-old patient with hypertension Vasiraju Krishna Murthy committed suicide by jumping from his VS apartment building in Ramanthapur fearing he was afflicted with Covid19 virus.

According to the police, Krishna Murthy has been suffering from the gastric problem and has also been experiencing respiratory tract infection syndrome intermittently which made him believe that he was afflicted with Covidvirus. He was tested negative after his family members took him to King Koti hospital recently. However, he continued to be under the impression that he was a Covid19 patient and this morning when the family members getting ready to leave for Gandhi hospital for a checkup, he suddenly jumped off the building from his third-floor balcony resulting in his instantaneous death due to head injury.


Uppal police shifted the body to Gandhi hospital for postmortem. The investigation is on.