Covid proves to be a boon for Indian Pharma and a bane for China


COVID 19 has posed a big threat to the entire world. But China, where the problem started in early November 2019 is now viewed with a lot of suspicion as American President Donald Trump declared serious action (?) Will be taken if it were proved that COVID 19 has originated from Wuhan Bio Lab which was partly financed by America.

Germany issued a notice to China to pay one lakh crore dollars as financial loss due to COVID 19 killing hundreds of people and huge business loss as the Virus spread from China.

American companies used to recruit 35% Indians and 30% Chinese in all Information Technology jobs. Many American IT giants like Google. Microsoft, Capgemini etc companies have offices in China for outsourcing jobs and a few offices in India. America used to import around 30% of generic medicines from China until January 2020.

Threat became Opportunity

With a strong warning to China, America started searching for opportunities in Indian Pharma. As we already know that Dr Reddy Lab, Strides, Lupin Labs and Biocon got USFDA approvals for exporting Generic drugs to the USA.

Now Granules India Ltd got USFDA approvals for their capsule Butalbital, used in Tension headache. Caplin Point Laboratory got USFDA approval for their injection Ropivacaine Hydrochloride used in all Surgeries or Pain Management as Local Anesthesia.

CIPLA got quick USFDA approval in just two months for their Asthma Control inhaler “Albuterol”. The company share raised to Rs.579 amounting to 13% in one day. This is a major breakthrough as the US got around 28 million Asthma patients, especially in the cold areas. CIPLA is a leader in Respiratory segment drugs.

Zydus Cadila got USFDA approval also for tablets used in Muscle Spasms or muscle pain. WHO (World Health Organization) advised all countries to optimise the availability of Pulse Oximeters and Medical Oxygen System due to spread of COVID 19 Rampantly. Central Government has permitted Industrial oxygen manufacturing units to manufacture Medical Oxygen also and simplified the process of getting a license also by the digital application.

Another Breakthrough

Most of the raw materials called Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for the Pharma sector are imported from China, due to low cost. Now to overcome this deficiency Central Government declared a promotion policy in the first week of April 2920 to pay an incentive of 5% of sales in any year for making (API) and Computers and peripheral manufacturing units.

Central Government has given powers to State Governments to issue Environment Impact Assessment Notification under Green Clearance policy (environment clearance). Amid Coronavirus outbreak more than 102 proposals seeking Green Clearance for production of Bulk Drugs or APIs have been received by states in the last 15 days. If given, imagine the growth of the Pharma industry in India in general and in Telangana in specific.