Covid19 Control Room gets 491 calls for food out of 571


Despite governments, public and private organisations and individuals helping the stranded people in the city helping in their own inimitable ways, desperate calls for food continued to receive at the Covid helpline centre set up by the GHMC.

This is evident from the calls that the control room receives every day. On average, GHMC receives at least 400 to 500 calls seeking help from the people in desperation. Out of which most of the calls belong to hunger-related. For example, the Covid Control Room gets 571 calls today. Out of which 04 calls are pertaining to suspected Corona Cases. 06 calls for Ambulance facility. 32 Ambulances are kept at different locations to attend requests.


However, 491 calls received for food from 23 containment zones and other areas. Accordingly, 22,385 food packets delivered by Annapurna Mobile vehicles. 

GHMC measures in Containment Zones:

 •  All containment zones are taken up for containment activities by barricading the entire area, as per the guidelines issued by the Government. All roads of the locality are closed by giving one common entry and exit point to the zone. The containment zone information is also intimated to all the residents of that area. Nodal Officers were appointed from GHMC, Health, Police, Entomology wings. Sanitation officer also appointed from GHMC. Surveillance team appointed to conduct door to door fever survey. For supply of medicines nearest Medical shop vendor details communicated to all households.

 •  Restrictions imposed on all residents in the containment area to confine in their houses. One Nodal officer is appointed for the connivance of the public in containment area. Pamphlets distributed to all residents with contact numbers to attend essential needs. Vendors also appointed for supplying essential commodities, vegetables and milk. GHMC appointed one employee to attend the household calls for home delivery.

  •  Special teams deployed to do sanitation two times in a day. Teams also appointed for spraying sodium hypochlorite chemical twice a day in the containment zone. Emergency teams are working round the clock to monitor the situation in the containment area.