CPRO pens a book on KCR’s ‘Governance with a Difference’



Hyderabad: Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) to the Chief Minister, Jwala Narasimha Rao Vanam on Friday handed over the first copy of his book, “Governance with a difference” to the Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao. The CM congratulated Jwala for presenting an in-depth analysis of his governance in his book. has presented an

The book titled ‘Governance with a Difference’ presented an eyewitness but yet a concise account of three-year tenure in the office by the Chief Minister with his apex team. The writer made an attempt to present the schemes and programs that were undertaken and which are at various stages of implementation. Ever since he came to power in June 2014, Jwala had stated in his book,” the Chief Minister has focused on Governance with a difference and has left no stone unturned in defining, designing and delivering the schemes that the state and its people require. From time to time, for taking forward his vision for the state for its all-round development, CM held a series of review meetings, touching every aspect of development and welfare of the state and people. CM used to say time and again that the present Telangana state had never existed before in this form and has to be viewed as a new state and therefore, needs a historical beginning.” he pointed out.

The writer in his capacity as the CPRO had the opportunity to take part in a number of review meetings presided over by the CM, which helped him to take notes, which later became the content for the “Governance with a difference.”