CS orders to complete departmental promotions before Jan 31st

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar

The Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar directed all the Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and HoDs to complete the process of promotions to all categories of employees their resepctive departments before January 31, 2021.


In an order issued here today, the CS directed that in view of the orders by the Chief Minister, Promotions in all respects, duly completing DPCS, if any, shall be completed by January 31st. He also asked Special chief Secretaries and Secretaries to submit him the category wise status in this regard by duly compiling information from their subordinate offices including District offices and Sub-District office. 

He further instructed that in respect of the third level gazetted and above the proposals shall be submitted by the Secretaries concerned duly compiling information from their HODS offices to GAD (Services) for the convening of DPC by January 11, 2021. He further instructed that the Spl. Chief Secretaries/ Prl, Secretaries/Secretaries/HoDs and the Collectors to submit the progress report on every Tuesday by 5.00 pm.



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