CS visits Aarogya Sanjeevani Vanam at Gurramguda


Telangana Chief Secretary SK Joshi visited the Arogya Sanjeevani Vanam at Gurramguda today. The present area (Bit-I) was developed as Urban Forest Park by adding selected Adventure Sports, Children Play area, Cycling Track, Pathways, Platforms, Public Conveniences, Raashi Vanam, Nakshatra Vanam, Miyawaki Demonstration Plantation, Watchtower etc. Additionally, miscellaneous plantations are being raised in 30 hectares.

The roads passing through the Gurramguda Reserve Forest Block has divided this forest into three bits; Sahebnagar Depot in (13 ha), Gurramguda Bit-I (60 ha), and Gurramguda Bit-II (115.18 ha). Out of these, the Sahebnagar Depot bit has already been developed as Sanjeevani Vanam and was opened for public on November 10 2015, by the then Minister for Forests Indra Karan Reddy.

The Gurramguda Reserve Forest (RF) is located 22 km from Hyderabad, on Hyderabad -Nagarjuna Sagar Road. Administratively, it falls Ibrahimpatnam section and Range. The total area of the RF is 188.18 hectares (465.00 acres). Gurramguda Forest Block was declared Reserve Forest under section 4 of A.P. Forest Act 1967, vide G.O. Ms No. 778 F & A (For-III) dated 18.06.1971.