Dalits Need To Choose True Leader To Come To Power : Dr.Rajsekhar Vundru


Dr.Rajsekhar Vundru


Hyderabad, Oct.26 (Telemedia) : Dalits in the country to has to choose their true leader to  come to power, said the Joint Secretary in the Union Ministery of Agriculture Vundru Rajasekhar. He was delivering the SR Sankaran 4th Memorial Lecture, organised by the Centre for Dalit Studies on ‘Ambedkar’s idea of Representation’ at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram here on Saturday. He touched upon Ambedkar’s ideas of self-determination, political representation and issues of referendum.

He said this infact was envisioned by BR Ambedkar. The oppressed classes would have emerged strong and there would not have been a need for a national campaign for Dalit empowerment, opined Dr Rajasekhar.

 While acknowledging the works of Former IAS officer, the late Sankaran, Dr.Rajsekhar said though he was a brahmin but strived all his life for the cause upliftment of Dalits. He died on October 7, 2010 at the age of 76. While Ambedkar was the beacon of hope and strength and the guardian spirit of Dalits whereas Shankaran who emerged from the rural hinderlands of oppressive Telangana, hand-held these Dalits, gave them encouragement, hope and strength, said Vundru.

Speaking on the struggle and emergence of Ambedkar, he said Ambedkar, as a young scholar from Columbia University had faced great hurdles on the issue of representation of ‘untouchables’ in the legislative bodies.Ambedkar’s idea of representation was based on two principles. First being self-determination of untouchables to assert their natural place in society and secondly, communal representation of untouchables to the extent of their percentage of population. The moral force of Ambedkar’s argument was so strong that it exposed the design of the Depressed Class Mission in trying to politically enslave the untouchable community to their agenda, which was further used by the Congress and others in the country, he said.

This is how Ambedkar successfully decreased the political hegemony and monopoly of ruling sections. However, his ideas were yet to fructify since the major road blcok was none other than congress party in which all the power-hungry feudal lords have joined enmass especially after the independence. Offcourse, this is all in the name of Mahatma Gandhi who later challenged him that he can’t be the sole representative of untouchables. Pathetically, being a leader of untouchables, Ambedkar himself had to prove that he was the leader of untouchables,’ said Vundru.

In such a case where a Dalit representative will speak for the upliftment and empowerment of Dalits? questioned Dr.Rajsekhar. Ambedkar felt that a period of 10 years would be sufficient to liberate the Dalits. But in his last day, Ambedkar thought what would happen to Dalits after 10 years. Hence, he gave alternatives which is often being misquoted. One needs to contextualise Ambedkar to understand him, he added.