Death Sentence to Hajipur serial killer Srinivas Reddy: POCSO Court

Serial killer Srinivas Reddy (in red shirt) is seen at the scene of offence with police. (Inset) the victim Sravani - File Photo

The Public Prosecutor of POCO special court set up to inquire into the sensational Hajipur rape and murder cases felt that the accused Srinivas Reddy was fully deserved to be hanged.

The PP while urging the court after completing the cross-examination of the accused here today remarked that all pieces of evidence proved that Srinivas Reddy had raped and murdered Sravani. “No mercy to be shown on him”, the PP remarked adding that this case needs to be treated as the rarest of the rare case.

The PP further pointed out that the accused Srinivas Reddy had previous crime record wherein it was proved that he killed a woman after raping her in Kurnool. He does this habitually to satiate his sexual desires. “Such a person is unfit to be in human society. If we look at the case either logically or naturally, the death sentence is the only suitable punishment for him”, the PP remarked.