Delete Facebook account or quit Army: Delhi High Court


The Delhi High Court today refused to grant interim relief to a senior army officer seeking permission to use the Facebook and lift the ban of 89 apps in the army.

According to our correspondent and the inputs from the Defence News source, an Indian Army officer Lieutenant Colonel P K Choudhary had filed a petition against the banning of 89 apps in the army and seeking permission for the use of Facebook. The Delhi High Court clearly said that when it is about the security of the country, then there can be no best practice. 

While refusing to grant permission, the Court curtly said that either follow the order of the Army or resign. Lieutenant Colonel PK Chaudhary recently challenged the ban on the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram by the army personnel.

Lieutenant colonel had argued in the court against the army’s order that when the accounts are closed all the data, contacts and friends in his Facebook account will be lost and the loss would be “irreversible”. 

“No. No. Sorry. You please delete it. You can always create a new one. It cannot work like this. You are part of an organisation. You have to abide by its mandate,” the High Court bench said.

The Court further said, “If you are so dear to FB, then put in your papers. See you have to make a choice, what do you want to do. You have other choices which are also irreversible.”