Delhi cops trace chief of Tablighi Jamaat Maulana Saad


Delhi police said to have traced out the whereabouts of Chief of Tablighi Jamaat Moulana Mohammad Saad Khandalvi. He is said to be under self-quarantine.

According to the source in Delhi police, Maulana Saad and 5 others were declared missing since March 31st for violating the lockdown declared by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and for endangering the lives of many innocents including foreigners. It is said that Maulana had sent feelers to the Delhi Crime Branch that he is under quarantine. He even replied to the 2 notices issued by the Delhi cops albeit unsatisfactorily through email. Earlier, in a statement, Tablighis Jamaat representative denied that Maulana was absconding saying that Saad would appear for any inquiry when called for.

He is now said to have traced to Zakir Nagar area of New Delhi. A decision whether to arrest or not would be taken only after questioning him after his self-quarantine period is over, sources said adding Moulana is likely to face serious charges not less than treason for endangering the lives of thousands of people by organising the Markaz during lockdown despite warnings from not only the Delhi police, and government but senior heads within Tablighis Jamaat. He disregarded government guidelines that were issued in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Markaz organised by Saad has turned out to be the single largest cluster of COVID-19 cases in India which has already crossed 5000 cases out of which 30% of the cases belong to Tablighis. Besides over 25,000 Tablighis are currently under quarantine in different places across the country.