Demand Action Plan to tackle Environmental issues: Greenpeace tells Voters


By Pujari Sen, Green Peace India


India stands at a crucial juncture — our forests, farms, rivers and seas are facing massive threats from climate change and environmental destruction. These threats will hurt city-dweller and villagers alike. Climate change is already impacting millions of lives across India through heat waves, drought, poor air and water quality etc. And we have just 11 years to change course and reduce the damage that climate change will wreak on India.  

India votes to start this week. In a month’s time, 900 million people will decide which politicians are going to lead our country for the next five years. While the winners are not yet known, we do know that whoever forms the next government must act decisively to save us from the worst effects of climate change and environmental destruction?

WIll you lend your voice to make environmental issues a priority in these elections?

Right now, climate change and the environment are missing from the electoral discourse, despite the very visible impacts that we are already experiencing. Air pollution is killing over 12 lakh people every year in India. Unsafe agricultural practices are harming soil health, polluting water resources and lowering the nutritional quality of our food. The rapid loss of forests, green cover, growing water scarcity and mammoth waste problems in cities…. all these require Urgent Action.

Ask our political parties and their leaders to give environmental issues the attention they deserve!

Greenpeace India is calling on ALL political parties and representatives to tackle the urgent environmental issues facing the country. Our Green Charter asks our next leaders to:  ensure clean air, clean energy, clean and adequate water, safe food and healthy rivers and seas.

If you agree that our politicians need to take action on these issues, add your name!

Demand your local candidates have a plan of action on these areas and cast your vote accordingly. As voters, we all have a responsibility to make sure our elected representatives act on Our Recommendations. 

Clean air, safe food and a sustainable future is our right! Elections are all about celebrating democracy -exercise your franchise wisely!  India needs you to vote for the climate and our environment,

Happy Voting from all of us at Greenpeace!