Demand for ‘Disha Type’ Justice for ‘Teku Lakshmi’ on rise


The killings of Disha rapists in an encounter by Cyberabad police yesterday motivated the people of Adilabad district to demand similar justice to a Dalit woman, Teku Lakshmi who was also brutally murdered after a gangrape in Lingapur village 2 days after the Disha incident took place.

The incident occurred after the victim, a utensils vendor was dragged into the bushes on the roadside leading to Ram Naik Tanda by 3 goons who have brutally raped and murdered her. She is the mother of 2 and belonged to a poor family.

According to the details available, the victim was dropped at Yellapur by her husband before moving to another village to enable her to go door-to-door selling. After completion of a round in Yellapur, she alone headed for nearby Ram Naik Tanda late evening carrying a basket full utensils on her head. It was when the killers abducted her. Her body was found in bushes the next morning after the police launched a search. 

Meanwhile, the husband said to have complained to the police after he found her missing upon his return to the village to pick her up. It is alleged that Police did not launch a manhunt soon after her husband filed a complaint resulting in her death. Police, however, caught hold of 3 accused in the case.

Though the gravity of  Teku Lakshmi’s rape and murder was no less than (Disha) Veterinarian’s case in Hyderabad, it failed to draw public attention said to be due to official apathy. People began demanding similar justice to Teku Lakmi family as well. A large number of people took out a massive rally to the Jainoor police station besides observing a complete bandh with schools, offices, establishments closing down seeking ‘instant justice’ to the Lakshmi’s killers. People began shouting slogans like “Lakshmi ki Hatyaronko .. Gloi Maro Saalonko”.