Democracy defeated in AP, not TDP: Chandrababu Naidu

TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu address media at Amaravathi.

TDP President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today asserted that their party was continuing its relentless fight against the mind games, atrocities and unchecked violations of the ruling YCP in the ongoing panchayat elections.


Naidu said that in this lawless election, it was democracy that was being defeated in the State but not the Telugu Desam Party. Despite the YCP threats, the TDP and its allies have posted good results and got 41.41 per cent seats in the 3rd phase panchayat polls. They have won over 1,093 panchayats as the final results poured in. The TDP has already won 38.74 per cent seats in the first phase and 39.52 per cent seats in the second phase.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP chief slammed the ruling party for using huge corruption money amassed from sand and liquor mafia to buy votes at Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per head. Crores of rupees were dumped in the Kuppam segment to get immoral victories there. The ruling party maniacs brought outsiders to defeat democracy. Kuppam was known for its credibility, peace-loving people and ethical values but now the YCP goondas have polluted the atmosphere.

Naidu asked why he should resign when the YCP leaders misused the police and threatened the candidates besides committing many violations to snatch unethical victories. However, the TDP would step up its fight and it would not allow the Jagan regime to do ‘Pulivendula Panchayati’ all over the State.

The people have already started revolting against the implementation of the oppressive, faction-ridden Raja Reddy Constitution by Jagan Reddy. The TDP cadres would rally together to protect the benevolent, people-friendly Ambedkar Constitution in Andhra Pradesh.

Stating that higher voter turnouts indicated people’s enthusiasm in the election, Chandrababu Naidu said that there was uniformity in polling with 81.66 per cent recorded in the first phase, 81.67 per cent in the second phase and now 80.71 per cent in the third phase. All this was possible only with the awareness and confidence created by the TDP. This was the first moral victory for the Opposition against the YCP leaders’ vicious designs to nominate their persons in the panchayats by ensuring ‘forcible unanimous elections’. The good response to the TDP and its allies marked the beginning of the downfall of the ruling YCP.

Naidu deplored that even in the third phase counting, delays were caused in counting and massive irregularities were committed after 7.30 p.m. yesterday. By midnight, the results started coming out totally in favour of the YCP though they were in favour of the TDP and allies at the beginning. The police colluded with the YCP and used threats during night hours to play mind games with the TDP candidates in order to manipulate the final results. As per the Supreme Court orders, the State Election Commission (SEC) has total powers to conduct the election in a free and fair manner but it failed to use those powers in the current panchayat election.

The TDP chief deplored that the SEC could not implement its own orders to set up CCTV cameras or live video coverage of the polling and counting centres. Its failure has led to the ruling YCP maniacs and anti-socials rearing their ugly heads at many centres to rig the election results to their advantage.

In the Arthur panchayat in Pedana segment, the TDP candidate got a majority but the YCP along with the officials started a midnight drama. They cut off current and announced that it was a draw. After some time, they announced that the YCP candidate had won.

Naidu said that the SEC has failed to take any action through the police used threats and filed cases and made false arrests of the TDP leaders in the Pulivendula, Punganur, Macherla and other assembly segments. With their ill-gotten wealth, the YCP leaders were thinking of winning the assembly elections by spending Rs. 30 cr to Rs. 50 cr per segment but they were going to face the wrath of the people next time. Jagan Reddy and his party leaders would eventually repay for their sins and atrocities.

Naidu ridiculed the Chief Minister’s comment on the sale of 7,000 acres of the Visakha Steel Plant. He asked whether the sale of the public property would be the solution for each and every problem. In that case, this CM would put up the entire Vizag City and the whole Andhra for sale. If Jagan Reddy was really interested, he might as well take this Posco steel plant to his Idupulapaya area where he already had a cement factory. Ultimately, only this CM’s family should possess all the industries and the factories in the State and nobody else. Jagan Reddy was aiming at becoming the richest man in the country as a whole.



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