Devarakonda turns ‘World’s Worst Lover’


The much-hyped movie, ‘World Famous Lover’ has finally turned out to be a ‘World’s Worst Lover’. The film has disappointed scores of Vijay Devarakonda’s fans who had high expectations about its outcome.

Though the film has got a good response from the youth especially, it has literally left a disappointing blot on the Vijay Devarakonda’s career graph. The entire movie including first and second half was a bit boring. Except for a kissing scene in College, no other scene could hold the audience.

Photography was an added advantage besides heroines Rashi Khanna and Ishwarya Rajesh who could justify their characters. The lover-boy image of the hero Vijay Devarakonda could not help the film in attracting a crowd to the theatres despite Vijay’s impressive performance. The fact, however, remains that people may tend to forget easily those heroes with a Lover-boy image. Even the yesteryear’s superstar Rajesh Khanna was no exception to this theory. There was a time when Rajesh Khanna longed for a hit after his marriage with Dimple Kapadia.

This may be the reason for a superstar like Kamal Hassan to be very choosy of late, when it comes to selecting the characters especially in cinemas like Padunaru Vayathinilai, Sigappu, Rojagallu, Sagara Sangamam, Swathi Muthyam etc.

It may not be out of place to mention the young breed like Tarun, Uday Kiran, Raja who got almost faded out now due to their lover-boy image. It would be ideal for Deverakonda if he could take extra care in selecting his characters in future.

The other areas like Editing, art, costumes are all so so. The background music was not upto the mark. However, the songs also couldn’t help film except for one song.

Rating: ‘1’