Dikshit’s kidnap ends in sorrow, body recovered in Mahabubabad

Kidnapped and murdered boy Deekshith Reddy

The kidnap episode of the 9-year-old son of a Telugu TV channel reporter in Mahabubabad town ended up in sorrow after the body of the boy Deekshit Reddy said to have been found today. However, it has not yet been confirmed by the police as the district SP is going to hold the press conference today at 11 am. It is expected that the culprits would be produced before the media.


It may be recalled, the boy’s father as per the demand of the kidnapper carried a bag containing 45 lakh cash to be handed over to the kidnaper at the designated place in Mahabubabad. He stood there as instructed by the kidnapper the whole night with the bag but to no avail as no one turned up to receive the money.

According to reliable sources, the kidnap took place on Sunday evening while the boy was playing and reportedly went with one of the kidnappers after he lured him offering him chocolate. The police reportedly arrested a prime accused and are set to reveal the kidnapper details today at 11 am in a press conference by the district Superintendent of Police. However, it was not known whether the boy was rescued or not but sources say that the body was found.

The kidnapper has been speaking over internet phone with the mother of the child demanding 45 lakhs ransom in exchange for the boy or else they threatened to kill him. However, the media has been reporting on a date today basis everything related to the kidnap issue including the moves of the police as to what they are planning and how the investigation is going on etc. This might have irritated the alert culprits who did not turn up to collect the money last night and perhaps led to the killing of the boy.


The body of the Dikshit was found in Danamaiah hills on the outskirts of the Mahabubabad town wherein police recovered the body which was reportedly burnt with petrol.

Cops could catch hold of one of the kidnappers through whom they could trace the body. However, it is also said that one of the kidnappers had been killed in an encounter with the police in Danaiah hills. Further details are awaited from the SP in a few minutes from now.

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The body of the boy Dikshit Reddy was found after being burnt away by the culprit using petrol