DMO of Fever Hospital locked up for bill by a private hospital in the city

MIM party leader-owned Thumbay Hospital in Chaderghat. (Inset) Dr Sultana,

The private hospitals have literally turned into a mafia with some of them resorting to any extent such as physical attacks to fleece money from their customers alias patients. In yet another such heinous incident, a frontline corona warrior this time became a victim of this private hospital mafia.

What astonishes is that the victim is none other than DMO of Fever Hospital Dr Sultana who was hospitalised with Corona symptoms in Thumbay hospital in Chadarghat. She was discharged the next day after 24-hours treatment. But surprisingly, the family members were aghast seeing the bill of Rs 1.15 lakh. What’s more disturbing as she was locked up in her room after the family members questioned the management about the excess bill.

The family members appealed to the police to get her released from the hospital confinement and take stringent action against the management. The issue flared up after the news spread like wildfire on social media. Netizens accuse the government of losing control over the private hospital. Moreso, it is reliably learnt that the Thumbay hospital belonging to a key leader in MIM party.