Do not come to Hyderabad as ‘No Fish Medicine’ this year: Battina family

Battina Harinath Goud

The popular traditional Fish Medicine being produced and distributed to asthma patients by the Battina family in Hyderabad will not be taken up this year, according to their head of the family Battina Harinatha Goud.

In a media note released here today, Harinath Goud said the decision has been taken owing to the spread of Covid19 across the world and as per WHO instructions maintaining physical distance is the only solution to keep ourselves safe from the virus attack. Maintaining physical distance is highly impossible as the lakhs of people from across the country and the world throng the city every year and besides drug needs to be administered by thrusting a live-fish with medicine into the patient’s mouth.


“Hence, the family has decided not to supply the medicine this year in view of the prevailing situation and appealed to the people across the nation and the world not to come to Hyderabad this year”, he said adding that “We have decided to do so irrespective of whether government lifts the lockdown or extends it after the May 29th deadline”.

Harinath Goud further urged the patients not to believe any propaganda, rumours or claims in this regard. If anyone tries to offer the Fish Medicine in this regard, “please bring it either to our notice or to the Hyderabad city police”, he said.