Doctor couple offers free service to NRI parents stuck in the US


Passion Health Physicians, a Dallas based organization founded by Indian origin NRIs Dr Anantha Chentha and Dr Shyamala Arani have come forward to offer free consultation services to NRI parents stuck in Coronavirus pandemic.

Announcing this here, the NRI doctors hailing from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh and are US board-certified internal medicine physicians said that US Travel and Tourism industry is one of the impacted sectors by the rapidly spreading virus. Travel restrictions were imposed by the US and Indian governments to combat the spreading of COVID-19 affecting Indian visitors who arrived in the US before the lockdown was imposed. Over 13 lac Indians visit the US every year according to 2017 statistics. A significant number among them are parents visiting their children.

“Unfortunately, many of them have ongoing and recurring health issues that need constant monitoring and care. Health Care in the US is the most expensive and “shelter in place” order is making it harder to access as well. Majority of the physicians’ offices are closed”, they said adding that empowered by Telemedicine, Passion Health Physicians provides free consultation services to parents currently visiting the US.

They said the services can help navigate the complex health care system in the US and guide through the best possible options available while refilling their medical prescriptions. “Many NRIs have already utilized free services and made Passion Health Physicians their go-to place for addressing their parents’ medical needs”, they said.

If anyone in need of healthcare services to their parents can reach them at www.passionhealthphysicians.com


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