Dr Nageshwar Rao made a scapegoat: Shashidhar Reddy

Marri Shashidhar Reddy - File Photo

The resignation of Superintendent of Nizamabad Hospital Dr M Nageshwar Rao from his administrative responsibilities is very unfortunate, said the Congress Covid Task Force Chairman Marri Shashidhar Reddy.

Reacting to the resignation of Dr Nageshwar Rao, Shashidhar Reddy in a statement today alleged that he has been made a scapegoat to cover up the state government’s failure in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. He said there is a shortage of equipment, staff and budget required to provide even minimum standards of health services that are expected from a district hospital. This exposed the total lack of preparedness to deal with the increasing demand due to the pandemic. It is very unfortunate. The state government has miserably failed to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. It has also failed to provide the necessary medical infrastructure and facilities to tackle it.

There are nine TRS MLAs in the old Nizamabad district and the constituency of the former MP Smt Kalwakuntla Kavita and present MLC candidate, who continues to take credit for everything that is done in the district. “The interest shown by the ruling party leadership in other things is conspicuous by its absence to improve medical facilities in the district during the covid days”, he said adding “We make a strong demand that immediate steps should be taken to improve the facilities there”.


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