Early diagnosis makes Breast Cancer treatment easy: Care Doctors

Doctors at the Care Hospital Hitech city are seen posing for a photograph with the Breast Cancer Survivors


CARE Hospitals Hitech City Hyderabad organized  1st Breast Cancer survivors Meet on the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness month at Hospital Premises on Wednesday. The meeting aimed at creating awareness and confidence about treatment and living a quality life.

Team of Oncologists consisting of Dr Krishnamani, Dr Arun Lingutla, Dr Srinivas Juluri, Dr Pratap Varma, Dr Rammohan Reddy, and breast cancer survivors have participated in this event. Chief Guest and Treating Doctors have appreciated the courage of brave cancer survivors and boosted the morale of breast cancer patients undergoing treatment. Survivors have shared their experiences, responded to questions from other patients.

Citing the example of one of the cancer survivors present at the program, Mrs. Rajeshwari who is leading a completely normal life after successfully combating Breast Cancer,  Dr.Krishnamani, Medical Oncologist said she is a true inspiration for all cancer patients with a strong message that cancer can be treated and one can lead a normal life post that. Another example of Ms.Shilpa Prasad who has started back her studies after treatment for Breast Cancer last year.  Mrs Khantamma has recovered from an extremely painful state and is leading an almost normal life after treatment.

In the past cancer was dreaded by everyone, but in recent years cancer care has made rapid strides with new treatments and techniques to treat cancer. However, the key to cancer treatment is an early diagnosis, which makes cancer treatment easy. Today most of the cancers can be is significant progress and has been possible because of early diagnosis said, Dr Juluri Srinivas. He advised regular annual check-ups after 40 years of age.

Dr.Arun Lingutla Consultant Medical Oncologist said there has been tremendous development in cancer treatment in the recent past–minimally invasive surgery, targeted therapy, new chemotherapy drugs and high precision radiotherapy are some of the latest and highly effective arsenals in combating this disease.

Don’t be scared of cancer! Be scared of late diagnosis of cancer! Everyone should get regular check-ups to enhance the chance of early diagnosis. Even if you are diagnosed with cancer, maintain a positive attitude and follow your doctor’s advice. Don’t worry about the side effects of cancer treatment, they are temporary and you will emerge a winner, added Dr.Pratap Varma Consultant Surgical Oncologist. He wanted Cancer survivors to proudly proclaim them to be survivors, as surviving from cancer is no more a stigma.

Dr Arun Lingutla said generally the word cancer itself creates a sense of fear and everyone thinks that it is the end of the world. Breast cancer was always perceived as a death sentence. The main purpose of this meeting is to remove that fear. This is the first meeting we are organizing at our centre to create awareness among patients and the public regarding breast cancers. There is a significant development in the field of breast cancers. Most of them can be treated and can live a near-normal life.

In addition to treatment, he said, there should be a focus on the quality of life which is very important for cancer patients. The zeal in the patient to fight breast cancers has made an enormous difference in the treatment and the hope is real for cancer patients. The cancer survivors who have successfully combated and conquered the dreaded cancer disease are the real heroes. These heroes speaking and presenting their real-life experience is much more convincing to the depressed cancer patients and they too see a ray of hope. This builds the confidence of the patients to fight their own battle against cancer, he said. The treatment is easily available, affordable and sometimes can be administered as daycare treatment. There are newer drugs available with lesser side effects than conventional chemotherapy and are within the reach of the general public. This is the first meeting which we are conducting with an intention to make it an annual affair to boost confidence among patients and public. As there are new and better treatment available, long term survival is possible, we need to focus on the quality of life.

There is a strong need for patients and family counselling during treatment. A lot depends on the proper understanding of the process by patient and family so that there will be less apprehension and anxiety. A positive attitude and confidence always add to the benefit of drug treatment. There is always an advantage if patients and families share their experiences in a positive way with the other patients undergoing treatment. This will help in getting rid of their fears and help in boosting confidence.

On this occasion, Dr Krishnamani, Dr.Arun Lingutla, Dr Juluri Srinivas, Dr Pratap Varma, Dr Rammohan Reddy and Dr Gopi Krishna Medial Supdt also participated.