EC releases Schedule for preparation of De nova electoral rolls


The Election Commission of India has ordered for de-novo preparation of electoral rolls of Mahabubngar-Ranga Reddy-Hyderabad & Warangal-Khammam Nalgonda Graduates’ Constituencies of Telangana Legislative Council with November 1, 2020, as the qualifying date, so as to have fresh electoral rolls for the above constituencies.


The schedule for the same has been released here today:

The Chief Electoral Officer Dr Shashank Goel in a statement here today said that as the electoral rolls for the Graduates’ Constituencies are required to be prepared afresh, all persons whose names are included in the existing rolls should also submit a fresh application in the prescribed Form-18. Every application in prescribed Form 18 by a person seeking enrolment in Graduates’ Constituency shall be accompanied by authenticated copies of requisite documents or certificate duly authenticated by Designated Officer, Additional Designated Officer, Gazetted Officer of the District concerned and Notary Public. It may be noted that mere reference to an entry in the existing electoral roll will not repeat or will not be taken into account for determining the eligibility of a person for enrolment in the electoral rolls, he said. 

The eligibility of a person for enrolment in a Graduates’ Constituency is to be determined having regard to provisions of Sections 27 (3) (a), 27 (5) (a) and 27 (6) of the Representation of the People Act 1950. Accordingly, a person who has been, for at least three years before the qualifying date (01.11.2020), been either a graduate of any University in the territory of India or has been in possession of equivalent qualifications specified under clause (a) of sub-section (3) of Section 27 of Representation of the People Act, 1950 by the State Government and is ordinarily resident in the respective Graduates’ Constituency is entitled to be registered as an elector in the Graduates’ Constituency. 

Eligible persons should apply for enrolment of their names in the prescribed Form-18 as claims along with any of the copy of the degree or diploma certificate, issued by the University or Institution concerned duly authenticated by the Designated Officer, Additional Designated Officer, Gazetted Officer of the District concerned/Notary Public, after due verification of the same with the original degree diploma certificate.