Electricity Artisan’s suicide: It’s murder by Telangana govt: Dasoju

AICC Spokesperson Dasoju Sravan Kumar - File Photo

AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju on Sunday criticized CM KCR and Minister KTR for their outright failure in providing jobs to the unemployed youth in Telangana and inducing suicides in beleaguered Telangana youth.


While addressing the media today at Gandhi Bhavan, Dr Sravan got emotional over the suicide of Electricity department’s Artisan Ankam Buchiraju, who had committed suicide, and termed KTR as a killer who has been betraying the Telangana youth with fabricated recruitment numbers for the sake of winning MLC elections at any cost.

“This is not just a suicide but, it is a murder by the Government and the KTR will be remembered as a killer of innocent unemployed youth of Telangana. Koppula Raju and Golla Naresh have also reportedly committed suicide due to failure in securing jobs in Telangana. How many more such youth have to commit suicide? Remember that you are sitting on blood and flesh of great sacrificial youth. Your fall has kick started now and a new intensive fight will begin just like when Srikantha Chary’s suicide glorified the Telangana agitation”, Dr Sravan warned.

The AICC leader has demanded for an ex-gratia of Rs 50 lakh to Ankam Buchiraju and a job to his widow in the electricity department. Ankam Buchiraju survived with wife and a 3 year old daughter.

According to the senior Congress party leader all the 22,637 Artisans working at TS Genco and Transco including Buchiraju have been evidently betrayed by the government as they were regularized on the basis of illegal rules violating the APSEB recruitment service rules and the standing orders under section 17B. Before their services were regularized, they used to get around Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 consolidated salary per month. However, after the illegal regularization, they are currently placed under Rs 9,000 to 12,000 pay scale per month which is a sheer betrayal to all of them. After the so-called KTR’s regularization and after serving for 10-15 years, Artisans are left with lesser salaries than they used to get before the regularization and also without any other fringe benefits that are given to APSEB employees. As per the APSEB rules, to regularize any employee’s service, the offer should not be inferior to the existing benefits. They are entitled to receive all the benefits including 240 days of half pay leaves, educational advance, festival advance, house loan advance among others.

“Congress party has already pointed out this matter many times and recently invited KTR for an open debate on all these concerned matters. Despite these facts in the public domain, KTR escaped from his duties and started Gobells propaganda on recruitment numbers only to mislead 40 lakh unemployed youth and to secure Graduates’ votes in the MLC elections”, Dr Sravan slammed.

Dr Sravan further stated that KCR and KTR have been replicating a similar attitude to every section including the Journalists who were not given house sites as promised, there are not enough Junior Doctors, Nurses in the hospitals. They are not even leaving caste associations including the Brahmin association to lure their votes. He warns KCR and KTR that they have to answer in the public court over youth suicides which are being induced by the government in Telangana. He further asked KTR as to why can’t they fill up 1.91 lakh vacant jobs as per Biswal commission and only confine to 50,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, the AICC leader appealed to all the unemployed youth that they should not lose confidence and don’t resort to extreme decisions like suicides and urged them to be confident to fight on the issues. “Congress party will stand by you in fighting against the arrogant government and its anti-youth and anti-public policies. But, suicide is not an option to achieve our rights”, he said.