End of an Era: Nizam’s last daughter dies of old age


The last daughter of 7th Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, Basheerunnisa Begum breathed her last early this morning in Hyderabad due to old-age related ailment.

According to the information available, she is the last surviving member of the Nizam’s immediate lineage. Her end came due to natural cause today at 1.40 am and 5th Zul-Hajj 1441H as per Islamic Calendar. The princess in her mid 80’s is survived by her only daughter Sahebzadi Rasheedunnisa Begum and was residing at Purani Haveli. Burial is expected to take place after Zuhar prayers today at Dargah Hazrat Yahiya Pasha RA, Mushirgunj, Charminar, Ramnaspura, Hyderabad.

The last Asaf Jahi ruler Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan had 16 sons and 18 daughters. Of them, only one son, Nawab Fazal Jah Bahadur, and two daughters, Sahabzadi Basheerunnisa Begum and Sahabzadi Sayida Begum (Lilly Pasha) were present till recently. Nawab Fazal Jah Bahadur died on February 9, 2018, and few months before his sister Sayida Begum died and now with the death of Basheerunnisa Begum, the 7th Nizam’s immediate lineage came to an end.  


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