Etela inaugurates new block in Kasturba Gandhi Medical College

Health Minister Etela Rajendar is seen inaugurating a new seminar hall block in Kasturba Gandhi Medical College

Minister for Health and Medical Etela Rajendar has aspired that the Kasturba Gandhi Medical College should emerge as the best in Asia.

He inaugurated the Seminar Hall in the newly built MBA Building of the Kasturba Gandhi Degree and Medical College for Women in the Exhibition Society on Sunday. The minister formally launched the seminar hall and the lift by cutting a ribbon. The program was held simply strictly adhering to the Covid19 regulations.

Speaking on the occasion, Etela recollected that how the Kasturba College set up by the Exhibition society way back in 1974 could able to withstand the competition from private corporate colleges and wanted it to continue the trend.

Chairman of the College Sateesh Naik, Secretary Dr B Srinias Rao, Treasurer T Chandrasekhar, Shankar, and Suresh were among others who participated in the programme.


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