Evolve a comprehensive Horticulture Cultivation Policy: CM tells officials

CM KCR is seen reviewing on the agriculture - File Photo

“Prepare a comprehensive Horticulture Cultivation policy to usher in qualitative changes in the horticulture crops cultivation in the state”, said the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.


While reviewing the Horticulture sector in the state at Pragati Bhavan today, the CM asked the officials to complete the policy preparation within 3 months. He aspired that revolutionary changes need to take place in the cultivation of horticulture crops.

“There is a need to expand the horticulture department. The state government is ready to appoint one Horticulture Extension Officer in each Mandal. There should be special divisions in the horticulture department headed by senior officials to bring in quality in the crops, study the changes in the cultivation patterns, to keep a tab on marketing. Prepare proposals immediately on how many more employees are needed for the department for its expansion, how to expand the department. The government is ready to appoint the required employees and officials. Provisions will be made that Horticulture officials also participated in all the Rythu Vedikas to interact with the farmers,” the CM clarified.

“Besides cultivating in a big way horticulture crops in the state, the focus should also be on the marketing. Find out which product has a market in the country and abroad and encourage farmers to go in for such crops. We will create a major market, like the one in Azadpur Market in Delhi, in Kongarkalaan in sprawling 300 acres,” the CM announced.

“Telangana state is endowed with a wide variety of soil. There is an average rainfall of 900-1500 mm per year. There are lakhs of farmers’ families who have professional skills. All these are ideal for the horticulture cultivation. Despite all these advantages, the State is importing vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices, and Oilseeds from other states. This situation should change. The Telangana state should become self-sufficient in the horticulture crops. The state should develop in such a way that it should be able to export to other regions in the country horticulture produce after meeting the demand within the State. It should also export to other countries as well. To achieve this, the horticulture department should get itself ready. Create awareness among the farmers. Reach greater heights in the Horticulture crops and make the state number one in the country,” the CM said.

“Horticulture department should equip itself to make the state number one in cultivating the horticulture crops and produces such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, spices and others. Increase the study of horticulture, extension and research. In states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Haryana and in countries like the Netherlands horticulture crops are being cultivated very successfully. One should visit these places to learn about the cultivation techniques, marketing methods and their rich experiences. We should follow the best practices. Send the officials to Indian Institute of Horticulture Research in Bangalore for training. Invite specialists and experts from there to our State and organise special training workshops. A lot of research should be encouraged in Horticulture University and the department. Regular studies should be done on the new methods in horticulture cultivation, marketing. And this should be done on a regular basis uninterruptedly. Encourage mechanization in the horticulture cultivation,” the CM said.