Film Review: Chusi Chudangaane fails to make a mark


Chusi Chudangaane is an out and out Love Drama with poor storytelling as first of the film is confined mostly to the introduction of characters.

It, in fact, lacks a storyline. The second half, however, proved better. Not a single effective scene in the movie to hold the audience which is very much needed in a story like Chusi Chudangaane. The film lacks gripping script, emotional scenes but full of pale, dull scenes. On the whole, the film lacks drive.

However, the relief is some comedy scenes are enjoyable along with few dialogues which are situational. Dialogues like “first bench Vallu unnaru kada, Vallu raasthe manam xerox teeyinchukunte saripoddi” (It would be enough for us to take xerox after the first bench students write their paper), “Thanks uncle Meeru Okkare Nenu Hero ani Gurtincharu… Gurtinchara…Vekkirincharu” (Thanks Uncle you are the only one who had accepted me as a hero).

The first scene in which hero and heroine drink together is interesting and the youth enjoying with their girlfriends in the second half is hilarious. Photography is so so. Editing is ok.

The hero is Average. Director should have presented him without Specs. Heroine Varsha is not so bad. Malavika’s dubbed voice is good. Remaining artists are ok.

Overall Movie is not up to the Mark. & My rating is – 2.25


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