Film Review: Ruler fails to rule with boring mass drama and outdated narration


First half and 2nd half of Balakrishna’s ‘Ruler’ turned out to be too boring without any respite. Outdated story narration killed the motivation and drive to watch the movie except for the hero Balakrishna’s histrionics.


This is a boring mass drama with an old point. The story and screenplay have no fire to attract the audiences. Scenes are outdated. It’s astonishing that dialogues are weak for a character like Balakrishna who is known for his unique dialogues that play a key role in deciding the fate of the movie. Surprisingly, there is not a single dialogue to thrive on. 

Photography is average. Costumes are so so. Art Direction is average and Editing is also not so high. Can say average. Songs are not up to the Mark. However, Bangkok song and dances are good. Choreography by Jani master is superb. Background score is ok. Overall Direction is ok and Production values are not soo high.

Balakrishna’s Screen presence in the first half is good and his dance in Bangkok song sequence is really good. His hairstyle in 2nd half is bad. Heroines make the audience to chill out to some extent. Villian, however, is ok. All other remaining characters are average. 

Positive Points: *Bangkok song dances

Negative Points: *Story *Outdated scenes *Dialogues(Not even a single powerful dialogue)

Overall Movie is boring.. and a big flop.My rating: 2.25