Forest officials rescue two Bear Cubs from a well in Karimnagar


Two bear cubs aged 4 months fallen into the agricultural well in Gattubuthkur village of Gangadara mandal of Karimnager Range karimnagar District in the early hours of today. 


The forest range officer Karimnagar  after getting the news immediately rushed to the spots alongwith staff. The well app 70 feet deep  was not having much water. The staff using three ladders and other items like net etc carefully landed into the well and taken out cubs successfully.

After keeping cubs in the shade for some time And feeding them with fruits etc these cubs were successfully released into nearby forest. 

The staff had to take cautious action as the mother of the cub was also found roaming in nearby areas in the morning. The local villagers gathered to witness the rescue were controlled by staff keeping the possibility of attack from the mother bear from the nearby foothill of forest where the mother was found roaming in the morning.