Four More Tiger Cubs Spotted In Kawal Forest


Consistent efforts by Telangana Forest Department, bolstered by the involvement of NGO’s, local communities and Public Representatives is yielding good results with Tigress with cubs being recorded regularly on cameras. In early 2016, Tigress Phalguna was spotted with 4 cubs.

In April 2018, local staff noticed a new set of pugmarks of a female with cubs, which was confirmed by the FDO Kagaznagar Narasimha Reddy and DFO Asifabad Ranjeet Naik. Subsequently, on April 24th 2018, we could capture another litter was photographed in Kagaznagar Division.

FDPT C Saravanan observed that “Cubs appear to be healthy and of 7-8 months of age”. The Past history testifies that Phalguna has successfully raised 4 cubs and added to Adilabad Landscape.  “Camera-trap photos of tiger cubs shows that the Telangana region may have already started hosting a resident population of Tigers, thanks to persistent conservation efforts,” says Imran Siddiqui who is also a member of State Board for Wildlife and Tiger Steering Committee. 

Telangana Forest Department has intensified monitoring efforts in Kagaznagar with directions from Head office for better management of Fire and zero tolerance towards encroachments, Poaching or habitat loss. Capacity building of existing staff is being undertaken and posting of trained wildlife officers on priority was being considered.

Addl PCCF(WL) Munindra, said: “ The planned effort including surveillance and protection, habitat improvement like the creation of waterholes, building of prey-base by the release of Spotted Deer, scaling of awareness programme and taking strict measures to remove hunting and trapping devices like live electric line etc are yielding good results. We consider Corridor as an extension of Kawal Tiger Reserve and Phase IV of tiger monitoring is being extended in Corridor Areas too”

DFO Ranjit Nayak said that “entire forest staff and basecamp watchers were allotted duties in turns to monitor all the vulnerable areas and they are removing electric snares and monitoring tigers. We have sought support from Superintendent of Police and District Collector of Asifabad who are providing us with consistent support”.

Meanwhile, local residents were sensitized on the Tiger movement and dissuaded from retaliatory killing in case of cattle kills. Through poster campaigns, meetings and public address systems, a strong message to protect tigers in these areas were initiated by Telangana Forest Department.