Fourty Gold Coins Of Vijayanagara Period Found In Khammam



Hyderabad : A treasure trove consisting of 40 Gold Coins and a broken Brass container is received today from Police Station, Garlabayyaram, Khammam District. On preliminary examination,  the treasure trove is assigned to Vijayanagara Period. The total coins can be classified into two groups (i.e.) to Krishnadevarya (1506-1530) and Achyutharaya (1530-1542) of Tuluva dynasty.

1.The coins of Krishnadevaraya are of Balakrishna type. The details of the coins is as follows:

On Obverse  Lord Balakrishna in sitting posture with the left knee completely bent and resting on the seat while the right leg is slightly bent and kept below the left leg. The right hand of the Lord holds a lump of butter while the other hand is set on the left knee. Sankha and Chakra are seen on left and right side of Lord Balakrishna.

On Reverse  Legend in Nagari script in three lines Sri Pra ta pa Kri shna ra ya  

  1. The coins of Achyutaraya are of Gandabherunda type.

On Obverse  The Gandabherunda or double headed eagle is shown flying upwards. The huge bird is flying upward carrying in each of its beaks and two claws a full grown tusker elephant.

On Reverse  A legend in three lines in Nagari script reads Sri Pra ta pa chyu ta ra ya

The weight of the each coin is 1650 mg. minimum and 3380 mg.  maximum. The coins are in round shape. The total weight of the Coins is 117.840 gms. According to the report of Sub-Inspector of Police, Garlabayyaram, Khammam district. The T.T.  was discovered 5 months back in Pathyathanda shivar of Garlabayyaram Mandal.