Gandipet waters to be released today while Fox Sagar threatens to overflow


The HMWSS&B officials have geared up to lift all the 15 gates of the Gandipet reservoir as the water levels have reached to 4 meters below the full level of 1790 meters.


The inflows have increased as the gates of Himayat Sagar have lifted making the only outlet Musi river gushing with floodwaters never seen before in the history. The gates may be lifted at any time from now today and alerted the people in low-lying areas to vacate their houses in view of the submergence threat.

However, the Miralam lake also reached its full level and if rains lash for another day there is no other option left but to open the gates. This poses a grave inundation threat surrounding localities including the Zoo Park. Officials are deliberating as to how to safeguard the animals in the zoo park as the shifting all of them in a short notice may not be possible.

However, the officials said to have been brooding over its probability in case of its necessity arises.

Meanwhile, the Fox Sagar lake in Jeedimetla has reached its full level and gates need to be opened to release the water into Musi. But the water valves could not open due to the rust formed for lack of maintenance. The experts have been summoned from Srisailam and Kaleswaram to open the valve but appear to be no avail as they expressed their inability after making several unsuccessful attempts.

Now the fears gripped the low-lying areas under the Fox Sagar including Jeedimetla, Kukatpalli and several other localities facing a danger of submersion.

The city had experienced unprecedented floods in 1902 which left a trail of destruction leaving hundreds killed and properties damaged beyond repair.