Gangster died of injuries in gang war in ‘Bladewada’

Visuals of gang war scenes in Vijayawada. (Inset) Thota Sandeep who died in hospital - File Photo

At least one person died and several others injured in a gang war erupted between two groups in Vijayawada today.

According to the police, the gang war erupted in Vijayawada between Sandeep gang and Pandu gang over the settlement of a 2 Crore worth disputed apartment land in Patamata in Vijayawada. The incident occurred when both the gang leaders supported each by at least 20 of their members arrived at the site on Saturday evening that led to the incident after a heated argument between Sandeep and Pandu.

The group members went berserk attacking each other with swords, knives, sticks and stones. It was a free for all giving nightmares to the local residents. The disputed land is surrounded by the apartments on 3 sides. The incident came to light only after one of the residents captured the fighting scenes in his mobile that went viral later on the social media network forcing cops to step into the picture.

Police after launching a massive manhunt for those involved in the gang war with the help of video. Meanwhile, Sandeep reportedly died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Vijayawada while Pandu said to be undergoing treatment in Government hospital in Guntur.

Police are investigating. The body of Sandeep has been sent for post-mortem after which the body will be handed over to their parents, the cops said.