Ghana national caught delivering 61 Grams of Cocaine in the city

African national and Notorious drug smuggler Samuel Smith Nelson

An African Ghana national and a habitual drug seller and the transporter caught redhanded while delivering 61 grams of Cocaine in the city.


According to the details, the Enforcement Team of the Excise Department on the tip-off laid a trap and caught the offender redhanded while delivering the cocaine near Virinchi hospital on Road No.1 Banjara Hills. The offender was identified as 32-year-old Ghana national Samuel Smith Nelson. He was imprisoned along with 2 other Nigerians on August 19 for supplying 6 grams of Cocaine in the city. He was just released from prison on November 12 and contacted his supplier identified as Ite-Igwe Iron Pot alias Felix in Mumbai.

He bought the consignment on November 15 and started contacting his old customers by messaging them as “Hai Bro Happy Weekend”. He was handed to the SHO, Nampaly for further investigations.

The raids were supervised by the Joint Commissioner Excise Hyderabad NA Ajay Rao and under the direct supervision of N Anjireddy AES Enforcement and CIs Jupally Ravi, P Narender, SIs Mohd Nizamuddin, Bhaskar Reddy, and Head Constables Sreedhar, Prakash, Rakesh, Balu Naik, Gopal, Srikanth, Constable Venkatakrishna have participated in the raids.