GHMC leaves half-burnt Corona patient dead body to stray dogs


GHMC yet again made it. In a ghastly incident, in which the dead body of a corona patient is being eaten away by the stray dogs at a cremation ground in the city has come to light today.

According to the HMTV report, a city youth who went to the Harishchandra cremation ghat near ESI hospital to collect the mortal remains of his grandfather was shocked to see the half-burnt dead body of his grandfather was torn into pieces and being eaten away by the stray dogs. When he searched for the persons manning the ghat, none was available.

The report said the GHMC officials when contacted had thrown the blame on the cremation ground people while the Cremation ghat people refuse to own up the responsibility as they claim that it is the sole responsibility of GHMC.

The youth who capture the scene in his mobile posted on the social media that went viral in no time giving jitters to the authorities. This is the third such inhuman incident reported from elsewhere wherein the incidents of the dead bodies of corona patients being dragged and dumped into the pits recklessly besides the dead bodies being exchanged.