GO with revised charges issued for LRS scheme 2020


The state government on Thursday issued a GO Ms No.315 revising the LRS regularization charges to make the same as what was provided in the previous LRS Scheme 2015. The details are given below. 


In GO Ms No 131 MA Dated: 31.08.2020 Government has issued Rules for Regularization of Unapproved and Illegal Layouts both in Urban and Rural areas (LRS Scheme 2020). As per these rules plots in unauthorized layouts which were registered on or before August 26, 2020, are eligible for regularization on payment of regularization charges as stipulated in the said GO. 

Since the regularization charges specified in the above rules are very high compared to rates stipulated in LRS Scheme 2015 and during this pandemic COVID situation it would be very difficult to a common man to pay the same, the Minister for Municipal Administration KT Rama has as per his assurance has issued orders the LRS charges same as what was provided in the previous LRS Scheme in 2015. 

Following are details of the GO:

  1. 7 slabs were provided (instead of 4 slabs proposed in the earlier G.O) as was there in old LRS Scheme 2015
  2. If  10% open space is not available in the un-approved layout, pro-rata open space charges @ 14% of the plot value prevailing as on the date of registration of such plot will be collected instead of rate prevailing as on August 26, 2020, which was proposed earlier.

It is clarified in the amended G.O. that the LRS regularization charges includes NALA charges also (i.e, conversion charges for agricultural to non-agricultural use) and no separate NALA charges are required to be paid by the LRS applicants.