Goud takes part in a COVID patient’s last rites only to dispel misconception

Minister Srinivas Goud is seen wearing full protection gear to participate in a last rite of an unknown Covid dead body in Mahabubnagar

In what can be called as a gesture to promote humanitarianism, Minister for Excise and Tourism Srinivas Goud took part in the funeral rites of COVID patients in Mahabubnagar district.

Moved at the various incident of children abandoning the bodies of even their parents after they die of Coronavirus. “This is no less than barbarism”, he said and took part in one such patient’s last rites only to prove that nothing will happen if we perform last rites of those dead with the virus provided we take all precautionary measures like wearing full corona suit etc.


He took part after wearing PPE kit and appealed to the people not to abandon their loved ones if they die of Covid19. “Instead, wear full gear masks and perform”, he said.