Governor calls for focussing on ultimate empowerment of students


Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan lauded the Mahatma Gandhi University efforts in educating the rural downtrodden students. She advised the University Officials and faculty to know their strengths and weaknesses in the first instance and they shall try to make way for increase the strengths and gradually decreasing the weaknesses.

During a review meeting through video conference held in Raj Bhavan today, she stated that the students should enjoy their presence in the University, educate themselves properly, the faculty and officials should ensure employment to the students through their qualitative education, which ultimately leads to the student’s empowerment. Thus she stressed upon imparting the principle of 4 Es, Enjoy, Educate, Employ and Empower.

The Governor stressed the need for Alumni Association for the University and advised the Registrar to contact all students so that even a single former student from the University is left untouched.  She stated that the alumni are the gems of your University, who can help the University financially, teach the students and also guide them to get better employment.  While referring to the complaints of certain students, she advised the officials and administrators of the University that they should not be callous and should react to all the complaints immediately. 

The Governor expressed her displeasure on the ranking of the University and encouraged the officials that the University should develop, quantity-wise. It should march ahead of all State Universities. 

While referring to the request of the students for postponement of the exams during the period of Covid-19 pandemic, she stated that the safety of students is the foremost important.  Though the officials take utmost care while conducting exams, the chance of contracting Covid-19 will be there for students during their travel to exam centres and during the meeting with their Co-students before and after exams.  Therefore, she opined that either the exams are to be postponed for post covid period or to be cancelled.

Referring to the employment generation by the Universities, the Governor advised the functionaries of the Mahatma Gandhi University to obtain the information of industries in and around their University and gain their confidence to give merit students to work in the industries, organisations, which will help most of the students. 


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