Governor calls up Etela to inquire about Covid surge

Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan is receiving calls through phone-in - File Photo

Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan on Sunday expressed her concern over the spurt in Covid-19 positive cases in the state.


Speaking to Health Minister Etela Rajender over a telephone from Puducherry where she is holding an additional charge, Dr Soundararajan enquired about the surge in COVID-19 cases in the State and the measures initiated by the government for the prevention and treatment facilities.

The minister apprised the Governor of the series of steps like ramping up the testing facilities, creating an app to alert the trace the contacts, improving the facilities at the designated COVID-19 treatment hospitals in the State.

The Governor has also enquired about the status of the large number of patients being put on ventilators in many hospitals. She pointed out that early detection and treatment was vital to avoid further complications.

She appealed to the people to strictly adhere to all the preventive norms like wearing masks, maintaining social distance, not encouraging public gatherings, and the frequent washing of hands and using sanitiser in order to contain the spread of the pandemic.

The Governor appreciated the health department on coming out with an exclusive app to identify and alert all the primary and secondary contacts of the Covid-19 positive patients.

The minister explained that the app will help trace the contacts of those who tested positive and help all of them to visit the nearest testing centre to get tested and take the necessary treatment or precautions.

The Governor appealed to all the eligible people to get vaccinated so as to contain the pandemic and utilize the opportunity to get vaccinated at the earliest.

Referring to the surge in summer temperatures, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan urged the people to take necessary precautions so as to avoid sunstroke and other complications.

The Governor is constantly monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic conditions in the State and has been giving necessary advice to effectively contain the spread of the pandemic.

She emphasized on the test, trace, and treat formula for the containment of the COVID-19 and urged all the people to scrupulously adhere to all the preventive norms.



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