Governor honours plasma donors on Raksha Bandhan day

Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan is seen with Plasma donors at Raksha Bandhan programme at Raj Bhavan today.

Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan appealed to the private hospitals to treat the COVID patients at reasonable and affordable rates with a humanitarian approach, and not to overcharge and burden the patients and their families.

Speaking on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival celebration held in a unique way with the plasma donors at Raj Bhavan today, Dr Tamilisai called for the intensified efforts in setting up of plasma bank to effectively coordinate between the needy and the donors and save more lives.

She felicitated the plasma donors with the rakhis, sweets, and shawls and hailed them as the saviours of lives. Over 13 plasma donors have participated and shared their experiences in fighting Covid-19 and how they got the motivation to donate plasma to save other patients with the Governor. 

She further exhorted: “People need not get panic. If symptoms are there, get tested. If found positive for Covid-19, go to the government hospitals and get treated at the earliest with full confidence. Recover and if found having enough antibodies, donate plasma to save other lives”.

Listening to each of their experiences, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan showered heaps of praises on them for their noble gesture in plasma donation not only once but multiple times to save lives of other patients and lauded their efforts in motivating and coordinating others too in donating plasma.

The Governor especially appreciated B. Nitin Kumar, an IITian from Mumbai, who donated plasma as many as four times and other donors S. Siva Pratap, Syed Mustaf Irfan, Umer Farooque, Ennamsetty Akhil and Dr Roopa Darshini, who all have donated the plasma twice.

Pointing out that all of the plasma donors have got successfully treated at the Gandhi Hospital, Dr Soundararajan appreciated the services rendered by the Government Hospitals and appealed the people to have faith in the government hospitals and doctors who are better equipped and experienced in treating the Covid-19 treatment in an exemplary manner.

“People without an iota of hesitation can approach the nearest available Government Hospital to get treated, as they have treated all the Covid-19 recovered patients and plasma donors successfully at government hospitals. I appreciate the services of government hospitals and doctors for their exemplary and humanitarian services. I salute all the frontline warriors like doctors, nurses, medical staff, police, sanitation workers and journalists for their commitment and selfless services during these challenging times,” the Governor said.

Plasma donors Ennamesetty Akhil, the first plasma donor in the State and who had coordinated around 120 plasma donations across the country, Ram Teja Gampla, the first Covid-19 patient to get treated in the State at Gandhi Hospital, Nitin Kumar, Suram Siva Pratap, Syed Mustafa Irfan, Umer Farooque, Dr Sumeeth, J Raj Kumar, P. Rama Krishna Goud, a sub-inspector, S. Sivanand, Dr Sai Soma Sundar, Dr Roopa Darshini and Sandeep Jain were among those who were honoured by the Governor.