Grama Jyothy Is A Game Changer For Inclusive Growth Of Rural Telangana – KTR




Hyderabad : Panchayat Raj & IT Minister KT Rama Rao participated in Grama Jyothi at Aziz Nagar in Ranga Reddy district. He initially toured the village by foot and visited Telangana martyr Saritha’s family. The Minister interacted with villagers and inquired about their problems and sought their opinions to get rid of the village problems.

He later participated in the Grama Sabha along with Transport Minister P Mahender Reddy and Chevella MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy. He interacted with villagers and heard their ideas about village development.

Speaking at the occasion, Minister KT Rama Rao said that today, all rural citizens are aspiring for all-round development and understanding their aspirations, CM has started the game changing initiative called Grama Jyothy.

“With Grama Jyothy, the rural people will decide priorities of their developmental needs and government will act accordingly. We understand that every village has its own set of problems and priorities and needs, which demands separate planning. We want the Aziznagar village development plans to be written in the Aziznagar gramasabha and not in Assembly or Secretariat – this is the sole theme of Grama Jyothy” minister said


Minister opined that Gramajythi will be a gamechanger to inclusive and holistic development of hitherto backward villages, adding that the government will incentivize  villages that achieve 100  percent targets in the areas of sanitation, immunization, nutrition, literacy and green cover.

Minister requested everyone to come forward and participate in this collective effort for comprehensive development of villages. He appreciated the gram panchayat for achieving 100% tax collection and assured all possible help from government to the villages. Minister KT Rama Rao also informed that in the next four year’s all villages in Telangana will have proper road connectivity. He also assured that Ranga Reddy district will gets due share from Krishna River water.

Transport Minister Mahender Reddy has said that the CM has initiated several program for the welfare and development of Telangana people . He opined that Grama Jyothy will make villages more prosperous.

MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy termed Grama Jyothy as a historic program, He said the initiative allows people’s money to be spent by the people themselves. He said Grama Jyothy is in tune with the spirit of Constitution amendments which aimed for rural empowerment.